Fingerprint Artwork - Family
Fingerprint Artwork - Family
Fingerprint Artwork - Family

Fingerprint Artwork - Family

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Our fingerprint artwork makes a unique piece of art. Each piece of art is unique, just as unique as the fingerprint.

How to get the print:

Use any black stamp pad and white clean paper. Use the finger you wish to get the print from and press into the pad. Gently push finger on top of paper, do not roll. It may take a few times to get a good print. Once you have the completed prints, email us a copy to our email matt@sattsdesigns.com. Once we have the files we will send through a design for approval. 

Family name and names will be added. Design proofs will be sent through prior to making. 

Each fingerprint is lasered into either MDF or solid wood. 

MDF is recommended if you wanting to frame the print, otherwise the solid wood panels are ready to hang with hangers attached to the back.

MDF, Pine, Oak or Merbau are available.

* This listing is for combined prints only. If your wanting single or love fingerprint art please see other listings.