Kindness Bucket
Kindness Bucket

Kindness Bucket

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Have you filled your bucket today? 

It is important to teach the concept of bucket filling and the sense of giving unreservedly in the younger age. Bucket Filling books provide guidance in the concept of giving, respecting and promoting a cohesive playground where kids learn for other students. T

Ways to fill a bucket:

  • Actions or words that show that you care about someone
  • Saying or doing something kind
  • Giving someone a heartfelt smile
  • Helping without being asked
  • Showing respect to others

Our buckets are personalised with your childs name and include both heart and star acrylic shapes to fill their bucket.

Overall size is 220mm x 170mm. 

Protective backing will be left on the acrylic shapes to protect them from scratches and marks.

You can read more about bucket filling and dipping here